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Tryout Dates and Times

Tryout Dates





**Only select age groups/positions open. 



Use the links below to register for the 2024 Summer Season.



MUST be registered prior to tryout.

Please contact more information.



Interested in bringing a full team to Windy City? 

Contact Bobby Stevens,

Age Group Information

When registering for the 2024 summer season, please use the chart below to determine your son's age group.  

*Some players may be eligible for 2 age groups based on their birthday, please register for the age group you'd like him to play during the 2024 summer season. 

Age by Birthday:

8u: Player cannot turn 9 before May 1, 2015

9u: Player cannot turn 10 before May 1, 2014

10u: Player cannot turn 11 before May 1, 2013

11u: Player cannot turn 12 before May 1, 2012

12u: Player cannot turn 13 before May 1, 2011

13u: Player cannot turn 14 before May 1, 2010

14u: Player cannot turn 15 before May 1, 2009 (9th graders are not eligible for 14u)

15u-18u: Players must play with their HS Graduation Class Designation


By Grade:

8u: Players entering 2nd grade

9u: Players entering 3rd grade

10u: Players entering 4th grade

11u: Players entering 5th grade

12u: Players entering 6th grade

13u: Players entering 7th grade

14u: Players entering 8th grade

15u: High School Grad Class 2027

16u: High School Grad Class 2026

17u: High School Grad Class 2025

18u: High School Grad Class 2024


*Please complete registration prior to check-in.

*Please wear proper baseball attire.

*Only one tryout is necessary.  First date is recommended



Please reach out to for any other inquiries.  

Please contact us with any questions